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The Pot Issue for Parents

As if we, as parents (I have two teenagers), didn’t already have enough on our plates, now we have a new issue staring us in the face: Marijuana. Of course, marijuana has always been an issue, like all drugs, but now that it has been legalized , the conversation, in my view, has changed. It’s now a conversation quite parallel to alcohol. It’s legal for adults but not legal for…

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The Idiot Driver

Since I’ve started writing this blog, numerous people have asked me, “What would you say your blog is about?”  And my answer is, faith-based living.  Whether you call yourself a Christian, a follower of Jesus, a believer or Born Again, it doesn’t matter to me.  Moving forward, I’ll use these terms interchangeably to stand for any of these views although I realize that the specificity of these labels are incredibly…

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The Jesus Defense

A while back, I got called into a meeting with the principal of my son’s middle school.  Allegedly, my son Jackson went off campus.  So, I was driving Jax to baseball practice the day I found out about the allegations and I just flat out asked him, “Jackson, are you really looking me in the eye and telling me that you have never been off campus; that they’re really mistaken…

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Decision 2016 V: What’s going to happen?

As we move forward through the next few election cycles, the Republicans have a problem.  It’s a popularity problem but it’s also a math problem.  Beginning with the 1992 election won by Bill Clinton, there was a massive shift in voter sentiment toward the Democrats.  7 states that had voted Republican for 4 straight elections[1], switched to the Democrat side in 1992 and have never gone back.  They’ve now voted…

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