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Month: August 2016

The Jesus Defense

A while back, I got called into a meeting with the principal of my son’s middle school.  Allegedly, my son Jackson went off campus.  So, I was driving Jax to baseball practice the day I found out about the allegations and I just flat out asked him, “Jackson, are you really looking me in the eye and telling me that you have never been off campus; that they’re really mistaken…

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Decision 2016 V: What’s going to happen?

As we move forward through the next few election cycles, the Republicans have a problem.  It’s a popularity problem but it’s also a math problem.  Beginning with the 1992 election won by Bill Clinton, there was a massive shift in voter sentiment toward the Democrats.  7 states that had voted Republican for 4 straight elections[1], switched to the Democrat side in 1992 and have never gone back.  They’ve now voted…

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Decision 2016 IV: What Do I Believe?

Against my better judgment, I’m going to go ahead and lay out my thoughts on the issues.  In the last post, I explained that based on 40 million people that have taken the survey on, the 7 issues most important to America are: marijuana legalization, gun rights, abortion, immigration, healthcare, LGBT rights and military spending. Legalization of marijuana:  I’m 100% on board with the 70% of America that favors…

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Decision 2016 III: What does America believe?

Ok, in the last post, I encouraged everyone to take the quiz on this web site:, just to get some kind of baseline of where we all stand on the totality of the issues.  Having confirmed my own position on the issues, what fascinates me now is what the American public at large thinks about these issues.  Of course, the poll has its own biases.  It excludes people who…

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