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Month: July 2016

“You’re F**king Evil”

So, I’m sitting out on the patio of a local restaurant waiting for my son’s baseball game to start.  It’s 4:30 so the restaurant is dead and I’m the only one out there.  Out of nowhere, this man approaches me, holding his driver’s license in his hand face forward like he’s showing it to me, I guess to prove his identity or something.  He’s a short, stocky, well-built man with…

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Imagine a God . . . (Part V): Beyond Buddha

Imagine a God that isn’t specifically invested in the what, where and when of your life. A God who doesn’t have a particular preference as to who you marry, what career you should pursue, what specific job you should take, what house you should buy, or even, God forbid, what clothes you should wear, what car you should drive or what vacation to take.  No, this God, the Creator, revels…

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