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Month: June 2016

Screw Georgetown

In recent posts I’ve told the tale of the circuitous route I’ve taken toward a more intimate faith, abandoning Godspeak in exchange for a transformational approach to life.  So, to pick up my story, having persevered through the year long process of testing for, and applying to, law school, and in spite of my checkered educational past, I ended up getting an incredible offer – a full ride scholarship plus…

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An Evangelical Failure

In previous posts I’ve set forth a bit of my story which centered on inadvisably following supposed divine direction; so, to continue that tome, as I attempt to remake my life after I was unwelcome in the jungle, I’m waiting tables and just hanging out. I’m just being. The true confession is, I’m not praying, reading the Bible or witnessing to anyone – an evangelical failure. I’m holed up. But…

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Get ‘Er Done!

A while ago, the church I was attending took advantage of a great opportunity. The church is an urban church and had started to hold a couple of worship services at an old Jewish Temple in the downtown area. The building was owned by the city. After meeting there for a while, the city asked the church if they’d consider buying the building. (At this point the church did not…

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Beyond a Human Doing

In previous posts (God Speaks?, Chapters 1 & 2), I chronicled experiences I had that were motivated by ostensibly existential divine communication.  The end of this misguided journey left me broke, bewildered and bitter.  In any event, to continue my story, upon my crash landing from Brazil I was graciously greeted by my family and community. I mean, this was embarrassing. I had given away all my possessions and taken…

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