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Month: April 2016

A God Out of Control

Because I struggle with the veracity of the statement, “God has a plan for your life”, then it follows that I’d struggle with the corollary platitude – “God is in Control”.  I realize the assertion that God is not in control will paint me as a heretic and/or lunatic with many.  But hear me out.  I’m not saying that God isn’t able to control the World; I’m not saying he’s…

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How I Came to Love Kobe Bryant

As an avid NBA, but non-Laker, fan, I’ve always had a distaste for Kobe Bryant.  Almost all non-Laker fans share some form of this disdain.  But as Kobe played his final game last week and beautifully engaged his final, lengthy post-game press conference, I found myself embracing him; even loving him. Now, every self-respecting non-Laker fan should be screaming in your mind (if not out loud), No!!!, Why?!!! Let me…

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Imagine a God . . . (Part II)

Imagine a God that is not a slave to the shackles of time; a God that transcends the secular aphorism, “timing is everything”; a God with no timetable. Envision a God that allows you to determine if and when you are willing, ready and able, emotionally, physically and spiritually to pursue your vision for life. This type of God encourages you, puts wind in your sails, to pursue your vision,…

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You Sound Like My Mother

At the 2006 Festival of Faith and Writing, a Christian writer’s conference held bi-annually at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Salmon Rushdie, acclaimed novelist and famed author of Midnight’s Children and The Satanic Verses, was one of the headline speakers. An unabashed atheist, Rushdie was interviewed by Daniel Taylor, a literature professor at Bethel College. At one point, Taylor asked Rushdie about his oft-repeated assertion that, because of the…

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